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Communicating intuitively with animals

I have Reiki to thank for re-awakening my intuitive abilities, and I have 3 cats to thank for showing me that I could communicate intuitively with animals. It's a wonderful gift, and knowing how animals are thinking and feeling helps to ensure they receive the best possible care while I'm with them.

Frequently, while I'm helping an animal with Reiki, a communication channel opens up, so I'm not just delivering healing, but I'm very much in tune what they feel and need.

I've been able to pass messages on from animals to their people, and I'm often asked to tune into an animal to see if I can help with any problems, or to pass on messages from their people.

One of the first animals I ever helped in this way - a lovely dog called Sasha - arranged it so that her people would contact me for some Reiki for her. Then, while the energy was flowing she started giving me messages for her people, and it turned out that she was trying to resolve a problem for them! What she was telling me was strange, and I didn't know whether I really could trust what I thought I was picking up - we all get that from time to time!! But when I told her people they were amazed at some of the things she'd told me, things that they'd even kept from each other. But it was all true!!

Since then I've helped many animals and their families all over the world. To me it's an intrinsic part of the healing process, it's not something that I separate. Perhaps it's because that's the way it came to me, and still does. So opening up a healing channel for Reiki energy also opens up a communication channel. And the two work together so wonderfully.

I'm at the Sanctuary (Society for Abandoned Animals) most weeks, taking Reiki to them, and at the same time I'll often pick up thoughts, feelings and emotions that I pass on to the staff there. Or I'm specifically asked to tune into an animal to see how they're doing. In that scenario cats in particular can work quite hard to mask any problems they might have, but I'm able to pick up seemingly quite subtle issues - that are often anything but!!

Get in touch to see if I can help you

Please contact me if you think I can help by using Reiki and Intuitive Communication as a means to helping your animal and their life - and perhaps yours too!! Happy to talk it through with you, every situation is different, so I'd rather deal with each one uniquely.

Would you like to learn how to communicate with animals?

We're all intuitive beings, so we can all do this. Perhaps you've sensed this too, and think you'd like to learn how to tune into your own animals? I know some wonderful people who can train you to do just that.

I learnt with James French and his partner Shelley Slingo, two very special people who I hold very dear in my heart. These days they mostly stick to the South of England where they're based. Contact them via their website for more information: Animal Communication Training.

Elaine Downs and Sue Reid are two very good friends who also learnt their skills with James and Shelley, and now run Animal Communication courses in the North of England. Highly recommended!! Their website is Animal Matters.

And also the lovely Pea Horsley, who runs classes all over the UK and abroad, but often comes up to Manchester. Animal Thoughts is her website.

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