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When you go away, if you're anything like me, there's always a tinge of guilt, you worry that your cherished pets will feel abandoned and unloved. Will they be ok? You've decided that they'd be happier at home rather than in a boarding cattery, and it's so important that the person who comes to care for them loves them as much as you do. Me too! I wish I could book me to come and care for Bella and Dylan when I'm not around!

I understand that your loved ones don't just need feeding, or their litter sorting - although of course that's very important. What they really want is someone to come and bring them love, play with them, stroke and cuddle them, if that's what they like. And that's what I'm very good at!!

If you book me for pet sitting services, your pet will always pick up on the benefits of the Reiki energy as the energy is always flowing through me. They'll receive this when stroked or cuddled, and even just be being close to me. This means that an animal that is anxious while its owners are away will be calmed and settled.

As well as being a comfort to you as the pet owner, this is also great added value, as I don't make any additional charges. However, you should bear in mind that this is not a full Reiki treatment. If you'd like to know more about Reiki treatments for pets, please click on Reiki for Pets in the menu.

What do I do when I visit?
Well, if it's a cat I'm looking after (and mostly they are), I will come in to feed your pet, check/change litter, and give them a good old fuss, depending of course on what they like. I am also experienced in giving medication, and am often asked to do this.

I will also take care of rabbits, small caged animals or aquarium fish - feeding and keeping the tank or cage clean.

While I'm in your home, I can also water plants, bring in post, open/close curtains and turn lights on or off. I also aim to keep your kitchen area spotless, will also clear up any cat litter that has been carried into the house, and will attempt to keep shed cat hair under control!! No additional charge is made for these services, as long as everything can be done in the time allotted - bearing in mind that the most important thing is time spent with your pet.

I don't tell the world that you're away!
Many other pet sitters travel around in vehicles that advertise their services - all very good for them, but not so ideal when parked outside your house letting everyone know that you're away. I deliberately decided that I wouldn't do this. It means that I'm perhaps missing out on some great advertising opportunities, but the comfort and security of my customers means more to me.

A healing approach to Pet Sitting
I was healing animals before I became a pet sitter, and healing has always been right at the centre of my caring for animals. When I come to take care of your beloved pets while you're away, I'm not just feeding them, sorting litter, and playing with them. I'm also helping - consciously and unconsciously - to ensure that they're at ease, happy, calm and relaxed. Additionally, taking away causes for stress and anxiety can reduce the opportunity for some illnesses and condititions to develop.

I'm delighted to say that so many of my long-standing customers report that, over a period of time, they notice improvements in their animals' behaviour, health and demeanour. There's more information on this subject on my Blog - A healing approach to pet sitting

Visit duration and frequency
Visits are charged for on a per half hour duration. However, you can choose for your pet's visit to be as long and as frequent as you like - obviously dependent on my availability. I can be very flexible, and work with you to tailor visits to your pets' needs. Talk to me about what works for other pets if you're not sure.

If there are more than 2 cats, or other animals to take care of, this usually takes longer than 30 minutes, so the price quoted to you is adjusted accordingly. If cage or tank cleaning is also required, an additional charge will be made.

One important point to note though..... I would recommend that a cat receives a visit at least every day. They are very social animals, and enjoy human company. I have a lot of experience of working with cats, and I know that they can become distressed if a day goes by with no human company. And imagine if your cat was ill, or injured, and I wasn't in for a couple of days? Please don't ask me to come any less than once a day - I shall have to decline.

How can I ensure my pet is as happy as possible while I'm away?
There are lots of things you can do very easily to ensure that your pet has the best possible experience while you're not there. Have a look at my Blog Post on the subject, and let me know if you have any ideas of your own that I can share with everyone else.

Caring for your pet, your home and the planet.....
I have very high standards and always want to be sure that I'm doing my best for all the animals I care for, the homes in which they live and the planet. To know more about what I do, Click here.

Delayed Return
It's a fact of life these days that sometimes you can't return home when you'd planned to - your plane goes tech, car breaks down, the wrong sort of snow on the lines, etc, or perhaps you're having such a good time you've decided to extend your trip. As soon as you know that this might be a possibility, please let me know, and I will attempt to continue to visit your pet until your return. I'm quite used to this happening, and so far I've always been able to squeeze in additional visits.

What about dogs?
I don't do dog visits, nor do I board dogs - however, I know people who do, so may be able to provide contact details for you. Please note though, that I'm not in a position to guarantee availability.

What happens if I'm away or unwell?
Most Pet Sitters work alone, so this is a good question. During the time I've worked with animals I've made it my business to get to know others locally in the same business. This is useful for so many reasons, but from your perspective, it can give you comfort to know that if something unexpected happens there are other trusted and experienced pet carers I can call on - and I do the same for them.

Take care when choosing your pet sitter
My Whiskers Cat Chat blog has some useful advice to be aware of when looking for a pet sitter. If you've any questions at all on this subject, please let me know - only too happy to help.

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