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20th April 2019 
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What my customers say....

I love what I do, and I take huge pride in doing the best I possibly can for the animals I take care of. I have some lovely customers - and their human carers are pretty good too!! Lots of them have wanted to tell me how happy they've been with my service. Many of my customers are always very pleased to pass on references, so if you'd like me to put you in contact with some, do please let me know.

Testimonials #01Thanks for this week Jean, makes such a difference to know he's been taken such good care of, especially given the experience we've had in the past.
From Rich and Jon

Testimonials #02Thank you for looking after Bonnie and Clyde so well. They were so relaxed and loving when I got back and everything was ok. Very glad I found you as now I can go away with peace of mind.
From Sasha

Testimonials #03The new pet sitter's not a patch on you!
From Sue, after she and Suki cat moved away to London

Testimonials #04Jean first began caring for my two female cats (sisters) about 4 years ago. One of my cats died a couple of years ago, and Jean has since looked after my 16 year old whenever I go away.

Jean provides a high quality service. She is completely reliable, and brushes, strokes, entertains and keeps my cat content on visits. Jean also texts so I know how Amber is and creates a situation where I have complete peace of mind while I am away.

She has stepped in urgently to look after Amber when a family situation demanded I was away suddenly. Jean also helped me with all the things which have to be dealt with when a cat is ill and has to be put to sleep. I would recommend Jean to anyone seeking a very caring cat sitter.

from Pauline

Testimonials #05Jean has been brilliant. She has been taking care of our 2 cats for 2 years when we go on holidays and can always be relied upon. Her regular text and picture updates are always lovely, keeping us up to date on how our cats are doing. We're really going to miss her when we move out of Manchester.
from Charlotte and James

Testimonials #06This testimonial from Suzi, after I communicated intuitively with her cat Nelly and sent Reiki to help with some anxiety issues:
Some very interesting things cropped up...... I understand her needing to feel grounded and secure... When I came home last night she seemed a lot calmer and happier, and wanted to be close to me, so jumped on the bed and made loads of fuss of her. I'm so pleased there are people like you who perform this kind of work as animals are an important part of our existence, and it's lovely to be able to communicate in ways we wouldn't be able to in everyday situations.

Testimonials #07My sister has never forgotten Barney's relaxed welcome when we returned from our holiday after your last visits. He had always run away from her and the kids!! Finding you has been an absolute dream.
from Jenny

Testimonials #08Jean has been taking care of our two cats for nearly 4 years and she's truly a Godsend. We don't worry a bit when we leave them in her competent hands and really appreciate the daily text or email reports so we know what they've been up to. I really believe that when we come back from our trips, the cats are more relaxed and 'normal' than when we've left them previously under the charge of someone else. Jean just seems to have a way with them and we're so glad to have her in all of our lives.
From Sonya and Andy

Testimonials #09We couldn't recommend Jean highly enough, she was so lovely whilst looking after our cat Sidney. We couldn't believe the difference in Sid when we came back he was so relaxed and happy, where as usually when we put him into boarding he just isn't himself for a while and sometimes gets a bit of a cold. Thank you so much Jean, you gave us both great peace of mind to relax and enjoy our holiday!
from David and Jenny

Testimonials #10Jean came to look after our three cats while we were away on holiday. As well as following feeding instructions to the letter, Jean also dealt faultlessly with giving medication to our poorly cat - something that only the most ardent cat-lover would ever usually attempt - and her positive, calming energy meant that our family probably never even noticed that we weren't there. The cats definitely want her to come back again soon, and so do we.
from Andrew and Robert

Testimonials #11Our 14 year old Collie Cross, Jodie, suffered from Arthritis in her back legs. The Reiki from Jean really calmed her down, in fact, even towards the end of her life, she didn't appear to be in any pain at all. Jean's help was much appreciated at a very difficult time, and we felt we were giving our dog a very special gift when drugs were not the answer.
from Jayne and Geoff

Testimonials #12We would have no hesitation in recommending Jean to take care of your extended (four-legged) “family members” . From our first meeting we picked up on Jean’s calm, warm and caring nature. We had just adopted two 12 year old cats with a history of problems. Jean not only took wonderful care of them whilst we were away, she has also taken a great interest in trying to help us with solutions for their future care. Jean takes pet sitting very seriously, keeping in close contact while you are away, with regular text messages and often going above and beyond the call of duty.

I will always remember when Jean insisted on coming with me to the vet the day we lost our poor Skye, I don't know what I would have done without her. Every animal she cares for becomes a big part of Jean's life. Jean has an in-depth knowledge of petcare and behaviour issues, it has been a pleasure to work with her – we will certainly continue to use Jean for as long as she will have us!! A big thank you from Alan and Ann (not to mention Jade).

from Ann and Alan

Testimonials #13We cannot recommend Jean highly enough! Our cat Nia suffered encephalitis when she was a kitten, which has left her with wonky back legs. As she is a house cat the home is her domain, so there was no question of putting her in a cattery. In the past, going away was always tinged with guilt and concern. Since we contacted Jean our lives have been transformed. We know that with Jean's kindness, warmth and patience, Nia is happy being looked after by her. It's as though we have never been away! Many thanks, and Nia is looking forward to seeing you again soon.
from Mel and Nick

Testimonials #14Thank you so much for looking after us over the past few weeks. We love our cuddles with you especially. We can't wait to see you again in March. We know that our Mum appreciates what you do for us too.
card from Oscar and Felix

Testimonials #15What you did on Friday was very much appreciated by us all. Thank you for your kindness and going beyond your normal time to give comfort to Oscar and especially Felix.
With love and gratitude, Kath, Oscar and Felix

Testimonials #16Many thanks for looking after the moggies whilst we went off galavanting abroad for a few days.
card from Paul and Jackie (and Lumpy, Cally, Zerka and Tess)

Testimonials #17I wanted to write this in testimonial form to say the service you gave as an in house cat sitter was just fantastic!! I cannot recommend highly enough, the peace of mind that our furry kids were looked after to such an amazingly high level was priceless! I think Ted and Dill were disappointed it was us that came in the door off our holiday, and not you!
Much love, Chaz, Andy, Ted and Dill! xxx

Testimonials #18We feel very blessed to have found you, and are dreading next year when we are planning on moving out of the area. Anyone that asks, I always recommend your services and don't think I could ever go back to a cattery again. You have a genuine love of cats and we can tell how well you look after Honi by how happy she is when we return from holidays. As some of your Reiki rubs off on Honi we have seen major changes in her in the last couple of years since using you, so it does something, not sure what, but she is a changed kitty. I find it very interesting reading your Blog and newsletter - I enjoy reading stories about other pets, and updates on the Animals in Distress shelter, and was thrilled to see Honi's photographic debut in her Debenhams bag!
from Sarah and Thom

Testimonials #19Jean has been looking after Oscar and Felix for over a year now and finding her has been a godsend. The boys are so much more relaxed being able to stay at home whilst I am away, to the degree that friends and family have commented on how much more relaxed and friendly they are. Not only does Jean come in to do the usual feeding and litter, she genuinely cares for the boys and makes a fuss of them and goes out of her way to make sure they are comfortable and cared for. Jean is very considerate towards the owners as well, sending text messages with updates on how the boys are. I have no hesitation in recommending Jean to others, she is reliable, friendly, thoughtful and caring and I can't think of anyone else I would trust to look after and care for the cats like Jean does.
From Kath

Testimonials #20Whiskers Pet Care was recommended to my husband and I by a work colleague and we have been extremely impressed by the committed service that Jean provides for our cat Purdey. She even sends texts to update us about Purdey whilst we're away. Purdey is always very happy after Jean has been looking after her. We've recommended Jean to a number of friends and we're extremely happy with the service that she provides.
From Catherine and Marcus

Testimonials #21I know when I am away that Suki (my kitty)is being cared for, played with, groomed, fed and watered, but most of all loved so I can relax when I am not at home. Suki is so happy when Jean has been to visit, almost happier with Jean than me! If it's peace of mind you are after then go ahead and leave your pet in the capable hands of Whiskers Pet Care, you and your cats will be happy!
From Sue and Suki

Testimonials #22Got back last night and I can never thank you enough. It’s so amazing to come home to a happy cat. He doesn’t even get stroppy like he used to when we got him back from the cattery. He enjoys your company very much – I’ve never seen him stroke anyone else’s face before but mine!! I’ll be sure to trim his claws next time!
From Natalie and Stuart

Testimonials #23We arrived home at 9am yesterday. Ringo was pleased to see us, and she looks very healthy and happy. Simon’s mum and dad had picked us up from the airport and came in for coffee. Ringo was really sociable with them too! I couldn’t believe it, she let them stroke her and wasn’t nervous at all. Thanks again for looking after her,and for keeping in touch. We had a fab time and peace of mind knowing that Ringo bonded with you and was getting plenty of cuddles. We would definitely like you to look after Ringo again.
From Clare and Simon